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Technology has played a big role in the continued improvement of the plumbing industry

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Technology has played a big role in the continued improvement of the plumbing industry. Consumers have been demanding from the plumbing industry for green living products, ways to reduce water usage and recycle water, and for touchless plumbing fixtures. 

New opportunities in the plumbing industry with the combination of both technology and customers environmental concerns have opened new opportunities in the plumbing industry to expand into heating and cooling, lawn sprinklers, and other home mechanical systems or information when a pipe spring a leak. Shortage in skilled labour also calls for a renewed focus on quality control and creativity in the workplace.

Home buyers would like to work with service providers who use high-tech solutions such as water leak detection smart devices to prevent unexpected water damage. Plumbers who are willing to adapt to modern technology can find new streams of revenue and provide better service to their customers.

People rely on the plumbing industry for fixing aging pipes, unclogging a toilet, or installing a water heater. Some companies also install heating and cooling units, water treatment systems, water conservation systems, landscape sprinkler systems, fire sprinkler systems, and waste management systems where they all use technology to maximize efficiency.

People who are environmentally conscious would like to reduce water consumption and save money. They are committed to water conservation and hire plumbers specifically trained in grey water systems. Simple flush toilets are not in the picture anymore with young consumers expecting more from what they buy than the previous generations. 

No longer satisfied with traditional water heaters and plumbing fixtures they expect bluetooth shower heads, smart water heaters, and touchless digital faucets that reduce water flow. Today plumbing market offers smart toilets that conserve water or come with seat warmers and night lights. Touchless plumbing fixtures previously found only in commercial buildings are gaining in popularity in residential buildings too. Today the most sought-after smart plumbing fixture by consumers is the tankless water heater. 

The new brain pipes technology, the new way of detecting leaks, is taking the construction industry by storm which will make an impact on the plumbing industry as well. This new technology detects leaks in the plumbing system and pinpoints the exact location of the leak before sending a text to the homeowner and shutting off the water supply. This helps prevent mold or leak damage from occurring. 

In our ever demanding world today’s customers expect a custom-tailored experience with every purchasing decision—even plumbing services.

It is essential that you keep up with the latest trends in the plumbing industry. When you are updated you can provide better solutions to the customers. This is exactly what we do at Houston Plumbing. Being your neighbourhood plumber our technicians are trained in all modern techniques and latest smart fixtures. Based out of Houston, Texas and working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide you with the very best repairs, installations, and routine maintenance – including emergency plumbing services! No matter what your issue, we’ve got the solution for you. 

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