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Does Your Shower Water Trickle?

water leaks

Does your shower water trickle? Or is your washing machine taking a long time to fill? Those are the signs indicating a low water pressure which is quite common in many households. The other problem is when your home water pressure is too high? High water pressure shortens the life of the appliances which also damages the plumbing fixtures which leads to leaks and pipe bursts.

The domestic plumbing fixtures will not be able to withstand excessive water pressure. When a strong water flow pushes through the fittings, it leads to bursting pipes and hoses. Sometimes they create a pinhole leak, which appears only when the damage to your walls or ceiling has been done. It is always better to approach your neighborhood plumber to fix it immediately so that excessive damage is not done.

Garbage disposal is a big help in the kitchen. But what we throw down the drain is really important to know. Garbage disposal machines shred food waste into super small pieces that won’t clog pipes. We should run the machine regularly so that it is kept clean. Most importantly we should run the machine with running cold water, which helps in solidifying any grease or oils.

Some plumbing problems look easy to fix. Anyone would like to fix it for themselves. But when it comes to toilets and sinks it is quite different and it may cause more harm because leaks can spread or go undetected in walls until it’s too late.

Frozen pipes, major leaks, backups, problems with the water main, and more can cause you to lose water. This is where you should immediately call your neighborhood plumber quickly because either the water was turned off or the water that should be going into your home is leaking somewhere else.

Leaks cause structural damage to the foundation as well as your home. If you have cold water but no hot water, it may be a heater issue. If water works on one floor of your home but not another, you could be experiencing a pressure problem that is easy to remedy with the right equipment.

Clogs are common in plumbing, from tubs and toilets to faucets indoor and out. Some clogs can be removed with a plunger but if the clog persists, it’s time you called a plumber.

Plumbers use special tools to look deeper into pipes to find the real cause of the clog. Hair, grease build-up, roots getting into underground systems, and problems with your septic tank are a few possible issues.

When it comes to maintaining your plumbing, a little effort goes a long way. Houston plumbers have a workforce of highly experienced engineers and tradespeople to support all your service and maintenance needs – plus a team of commercially qualified engineers for business customers.

We provide a 24-hour service with a guarantee on most workmanship. Our transparent charging system is monitored on a regular basis to ensure our rates are always competitive. Houston plumbers is a Texas, Houston-based plumbing company, offering plumbing services from plumbing, heating, and boilers, pumps, showers, wet rooms, bathrooms, and appliance installation.

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