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TX 77094, United States

When to Replace a Toilet Rather Than Repair It?

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Most of the homeowners are spending money on home renovations where they had originally planned to spend on a holiday as coronavirus has turned the world upside down.

Searches in Google related to plumbing were related to heat pumps and the new bathroom. Plenty of consumers wanted to spend on plumbing, heating projects, and sewage disposal.

We don’t spend time thinking about plumbing or worry about maintaining it. We think when everything suddenly stops working properly, or we run into a problem. What we don’t think is that small mistakes can become a major headache. Let us discuss some of them:

Don’t Pour Grease or Oil Down the Drain. The grease and oil will build up. This is not noticed at first. Little by little this grease and oil will eventually clog the pipes which lead to serious plumbing problems.

Clogs are one of the most common plumbing problems, whether it is in the shower or sink drain, they can become gross and messy due to hair and soap residue. It is best to use a strainer so that these materials do not go down the drain and clogs it

There are certain things that should be flushed and certain things that should not be flushed. Flushing things other than toilet paper and bodily waste down the toilet, cause serious clogs. Never flush hygiene products, cotton balls, prescription medications, or anything that can clog your drain pipes.

Toilet clogs are messy and embarrassing, but repeated toilet clogs are just plain frustrating. There are lots of different reasons why toilets can get clogged.

Plumbers have pulled a lot of strange things out of toilets, most often toys. Feminine hygiene products are also common. When we have guests at home they use our toilets. Some women try to flush sanitary products because they don’t know what else to do with them and are too embarrassed to ask.

The only things that should go down the toilet are bodily waste and toilet paper. Toilet tissue is supposed to dissolve easily when it touches water, but not all brands dissolve properly. If the toilet doesn’t flush well even when you’re just flushing water, there may be an accumulation of toilet paper and organic matter somewhere in the line.

Always know where your main water valve is. If you have pipes burst, turning off your main water valve will help minimize the damage till you get your neighborhood plumber to rectify the fault.

Toilet leaks are a big headache, but if identified early they’ll be more manageable and could save you some more serious plumbing problems down the road. The main place where you will find a leak is in the toilet’s flush valve seal. The flush valve seal is what keeps water from flowing from the tank to the bowl of your toilet when it isn’t in flushing mode.

Chemical drain cleaners affect your plumbing. People tend to go for them because they are advertised as immediately effective, but they can do more damage in the long run.

We get terrified when we hear that dripping noise from the faucet, so we make sure the taps are turned off as tight as they can go? This is actually bad for your tap’s seal; it wears it out more quickly because of the increased pressure it is experiencing every time it is turned too tight. Think of it as a pencil; the more pressure you put on it, the more worn down it gets.

To avoid this, turn the tap until you feel the natural stopping point; don’t force it closed. Like the pencil, you want to apply the amount of pressure that is just right.

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