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TX 77094, United States

New Trends in Plumbing

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Technology has paved way for new trends in plumbing. Fixtures that are touchless have been around for a while and have just started making their way into home construction. Touchless faucets are cleaner and require less maintenance than traditional taps. Some appliances and faucets come with LED screens that show the temperature or with red and blue lights to indicate water temperature.

Cutting-edge cleaning technology makes toilet scrubbing much easier. The latest innovation disperses cleaning chemicals at every flush into the bowl without wasting cleaning products.

Tankless water heaters are now becoming popular. Heated with either gas or electricity, these water heaters supply water on-demand instead of storing a huge tank of water heated all the time. Solar-powered water heater saves money. Water travels beneath panels and returns to the unit for use saving electricity or gas fuels.

Brain pipes are the next thing in. It monitors your home to detect leaks and monitor water use. They trigger a notification when a leak is detected that takes you directly to the problem. The latest smart technology allows you to watch your lawn and know exactly how much water it needs to stay healthy. It even measures rainfall, so you can adjust watering accordingly.

Greywater is wastewater from tubs and showers, sinks, and washing machines that is reusable instead of being sent into the sewer system. Greywater recycling takes this water and applies it to your lawn.

Smart technology has also paved the way for new appliances like a kitchen faucet that automatically shuts off the water supply after a few seconds of use to avoid continuous running of water. Smart toilets with their ability to sense how much water is needed for flushing. Water heaters equipped with smart thermostats that automatically adjust the water temperature so you’ll have the perfect mix of hot and cold upon opening.

Plumbers keep current on new technologies designed to conserve water and make plumbing systems more efficient. Professional plumbers use specialized tools and equipment to install water, disposal and drainage systems for new housing and business offices.

The technology exists everywhere from flow monitoring to remote-controlled shut-off valves to water intrusion sensors.  By installing various sensors in and around the piping system they report to us when water is moving too fast, too hot, with too much pressure, or leaks can easily be identified and the sensors can be programmed to act on that information like when water is too hot, automatically cool it down; flowing too fast, reduce the pump rates; leaking, shut it off.  Integrating computer technology and control systems into plumbing for both new construction and retrofits is a relatively easy task, and the costs are coming down every day.

Houston plumbers have a workforce of highly experienced engineers and tradespeople to support all your service and maintenance needs – plus a team of commercially qualified engineers for business customers.

We provide a 24-hour service with a guarantee on most workmanship. Our transparent charging system is monitored on a regular basis to ensure our rates are always competitive. Houston plumbers is a Texas, Houston-based plumbing company, offering plumbing services from plumbing, heating, and boilers, pumps, showers, wet rooms, bathrooms, and appliance installation.

From Sinks and basins fitting and replacement to Waste disposal installation, removal, replacement, and repair we use the latest technology to ensure that these installations and repair are done with utmost care and precisely.

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