Copper Repiping Services

If you live in an older structure, chances are your piping system is old as well. You may have aging pipes that have gone through a lot of abuse over the years. Depending on the material of the pipes, they may begin to come apart at the joints and experience small cracks and fissures.
As the water begins to slowly drip out of your pipes, structural damage will follow. You may have various forms of water damage behind your walls because of slow drips coming out of the pipes. If this deterioration continues, you may also experience warped walls, mold, mildew and a variety of other problems.

Copper repiping Katy may be the only option for you to overcome these problems. It’s a good idea to have a representative of Houstonian Plumbing inspect your property. We can diagnose any piping problems and can determine whether or not you are in need of new pipes.